Herb Farm Open Days – 1st-3rd April

We’re all busy on the farm, prepping and potting for our first Herb Farm Open Days of 2011! We’re offering FREE SEEDS with a downloadable voucher, and now that spring is finally doing its springy thingy, we’ll have lots and lots of beautiful organic herbs in pots for our visitors to browse and buy and breathe in their delicious herby scents.

Browse and buy amongst 650+ organically grown herb varieties

We’re delighted to welcome back caterers ,Berry Blue, who’ll be providing delicious, locally sourced, herby refreshments throughout the open days – take a sneak preview of their Open Days menu.

Seasonal, herby food in the Berry Blue marquee

As well as her (pre-bookable) workshops – which are already sold out for this open day (sorry – limited space, but there are plenty more throughout the year), Jekka’s also giving a twice daily farm tour or talk (depending on numbers) at 10.30 and 2.30  on each open day.

Jekka's Farm Tour - twice daily during the Open Days

So, with less than two weeks to go, it’s all hands to the herbs in preparation for our first open days of the season!

Keep-out-the flies tunnel

We’re building a brand new tunnel this year, which we all refer to as the ‘Fly tunnel’, though this is something of a misnomer, because in fact it’s intended to keep flies out!

Being organic, we’re always trialing less labour intensive methods of pest control; the new tunnel will protect our alliums, such as Tree Onion,Welsh Onion, and Red Welsh Onion which can be prone to attack from ‘onion fly’.

Fingers crossed that the tunnel will be finished in time for our first Open Days of 2011, which take place from 1st-3rd April..less than a fortnight away:~

Fly tunnel in the making
Fly tunnel in the making

Spring’s a-springin’

Spring’s a-springing and it’s all go on the herb farm – everything grows so quickly at this time of year! Herb seeds are transforming into proper, grown-up herb plants, rooted cuttings have promising root balls, and we’re releasing new herb plants into stock for mail order every day.

Welsh onion seedlings in the glasshouse
Welsh Onion seedlings in the glasshouse

It’s such an exciting time of year: suddenly all the fruits of our labour – nurturing tiny herb seeds and rooted cuttings, and over-wintering hardy perennial herbs – are rewarding us with that beautiful, luscious, leafy green of spring. The primroses are in flower, and perennials shoots are popping up all over the place.

There’s nothing quite so uplifting as going into the glasshouse or poly tunnels at this time of year and seeing new herbs standing up, tall, strong and sturdy. A drop of sunshine and their herby aromas already fill the air.