Making use of the Overheads

It’s been a dry old spring, that’s for sure. In the run up to RHS Chelsea Flower Show, we’re watering our show plants like crazy things and this year, unlike previous years, we’re working hard to hold them back. Everything’s topsy turvy. Still, we’re proud to report that the show plants are doing just beautifully – see these Chives that we’re growing for Bunny Guinness, for the M&G Investment Garden:

Chives for Chelsea

But even when we’re busier than a bee in a Borage field, it’s so important to take the time to appreciate nature, and the genuine pleasure and benefits the natural world gives us – after all this is one of the very reasons why we’re in the organic growing business!  So, when staff member, horticulturist, Harriet stumbled across this frog (who we’d like to name Myrtle owing to the plant of his choice but this might cause gender confusion) water-worshipping beneath the overhead watering system, we just had to smile, and be thankful. Of course, his slug-eating attributes will be very much appreciated by all of the team.

Making use of the overheads

Perhaps he chose Myrtle because it’s the herb of love: ‘Frog, seeks princess – meet under the Myrtle at 7’. Well, it will have to be the nearest stream, because we’ve moved him to a safe, damp spot. Here, hopefully, he will go forth and multiply, thus increasing our organic slug patrol.


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