Bee happy

Summertime, and the bees are buzzing, the butterflies are flitting, the hoverflies are, well, hovering and the herbs are looking, tasting and smelling wonderful! A drop of sunshine on the leaves brings the oils to the surface, and the aroma is literally sensational – makes your mouth water. Then there’s the flowers, full with nectar, enticing a host of most welcome lodgers to the farm.

Bee on a Borage flower

We’re big on bees, beneficial insects and biodiversity (which simply means the diversity of all the living things around us). Bees and butterflies are necessary for pollination, and by providing them with a natural habitat in which to thrive, we are not just doing our bit to keep the planet happy, but we are actually helping to increase our yields. Increasing biodiversity in the garden is common sense really.

Hence our Soil Association organic status, and peat-free  growing. We grow a lot of Butterfly & Bee herbs, and now that the herb farm’s in flower, it’s just buzzing!

Thyme for a Bumble (Woolly Thyme)

Bee-autiful lavender (Ashdown Forest)

Bees particularly love blue and violet colours, so borage, catmintcornflower, echium, flax,  lavender and polemonium bee-come  magnets. For more butterfly, bee and beneficial insect herbs,  Search on our website, and under the dropdown list, ‘Uses’, choose ‘Biodiversity’…and get your garden buzzing!


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