All hands to the herbs!

Our gates will be wide open from 10am tomorrow morning, for our June Open Days – 17th, 18th & 19th June, 10 – 4.

There’s a wonderful atmosphere here today: Jekka, her husband Mac, and all the team, plus the guys putting up the catering tent, working towards a common goal – that is, to give our visitors the best possible experience of the farm over the next 3 days.

Berry-Blue food marquee in the making

We’re shifting quite a bit of stock about, so visitors can find the rare herb they’ve come especially to find, amongst our 650+ varieties. Shifting stock is akin to a good workout, but instead of sweaty gym odours, the herb aromas fill up your nostrils as you brush against them – it’s good, honest work with the added bonus of sense-ational smells!

Stock shifting

There are gaps to be filled with basils, lemon verbena, variegated myrtle, creeping lemon thyme and lavender Folgate. We’ve even got our very own herb farm BOGOFF corner – buy 3 and the cheapest is free (if Tesco’s can do it…!) – and a mouth watering selection of salad pots in the polytunnel (you’ll never want to buy a bag of leaves again).

Filling the gaps

Jekka’s preparing for her midday workshop on ‘how to take herb cuttings‘ (almost fully booked, but you can book up for the next workshop in July). And sussing out the route for her (free) herb farm tour, which may become a talk instead if lots of people turn up – it’s quite hard to make yourself heard amongst a long trail of people!

Meanwhile, someone’s just loving the activity, and the buzz, and making the most of the sunshine..

In doggy heaven

See you tomorrow at 10?


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