Hampton Court herbs-a-buzzing

Hampton Court Flower Show was a joy, if a little wet (saved on watering though).

Visitors are still surprised to see us there, as we no longer exhibit in the floral marquee. Instead, these days, we have a ‘plant plot’, and Jekka continues to create a beautiful herb display to show visitors how organic herbs can totally transform a garden.

 Jekka’s Herbs, and the team – Dan, Hannah, Mark and Jekka, Hampton Court 2011

The archway (above) is Galega officinalis  Goat’s Rue (a.k.a. French Lilac), flanked on each side by Humulus lupulus‘Aureus’ AGM Golden HopMonarda didyma Bee Balm Bergamot obliged by opening its beautiful red blooms that week, and Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ was an absolute show stealer. And we were very pleased to pick up an award – runner-up in the ‘Totally Plants’ area.

Oregano Kent Beauty

Jekka’s display was a bee magnet. The moment we unloaded the plants, the bees moved in and lodged happily with us all week.

Bee-ing busy on the Cornflower

Tall swathes of Lythrum salicaria Purple Loosestrife, Salvia sclarea Clary Sage, Ammi majus Bishops Flower and Centaurea cyanus Cornflower surrounded the thyme garden at the front.  Our best selling herbs had to be Persicaria Odorata, Vietnamese Coriander and Porophyllum ruderale, Bolivian Coriander.

The very lovely Alan Titchmarsh kindly popped along to see us, along with BBC Gardener’s World presenter, Joe Swift.

Jekka and Alan Titchmarsh (top), Joe Swift (below) and a spot of welcome sunshine

July has been..um, busy (understatement). We really do need another experienced horticulturist to join the team. Now we’re all prepping for the next big buzz on the farm: our July Open Days, which start this Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th, 10am-4pm. Bee there!


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