2012 Happy New Year from Jekka’s Herb Farm

Happy New Year to you all.

A new season has started, the days are getting longer and the seeds are  beginning to germinate. This is the ideal time to start  sowing some varieties of  seed under protection so that  you can get a head start on the year.

The seeds which benefit from an early start include many of the annual herbs which will mean that you can have them flowering as early as possible. Calendula, Borage, Nasturtiums are the prime ones and also the salad herbs such as  Wild Rocket, Parsley and especially Purple Shiso. Not only does the Shiso look great in the garden, it, like the other two salad herbs mentioned, is ideal  to whet the appetite after the glut of  winter root vegetables.

There are two watch points at this time of year, first is watering. Be very careful  not to over water, but also do not stress the young plants by letting them dry out. Check the weight of the container before watering as the surface of the compost can look dry when the root ball is actually wet .

The second major watch point is ventilation. Open up the poly tunnel, glasshouse or window, when ever possible and certainly if the temperature rises to double figures in the day.  Only cover tender young or newly potted plants with horticultural fleece when the night temperature drops below 5C.

Just recently I have been enchanted each morning  by the most delightful Song Thrush, it has the most uplifting song.  I checked, via the RSPB, that my identification was correct and discovered with great sadness that this

 wonderful bird is on the red endangered list.

So please could you add to your new years resolution to be to be more sustainable and organic in the garden, for  the Thrush is a good friend to the gardener eating snails.  Then our grandchildren , in years to come, will also be able to be enchanted by the Song Thrush.

© Jekka McVicar , Jekka’s Herb Farm,  January 2012.


9 thoughts on “2012 Happy New Year from Jekka’s Herb Farm

  1. This was so uplifting and heartwarming to receive the email this lst day of January, 2012…. when I am one who hates the noisy fireworks, and the short days,,, thanks Jekka.

  2. Happy New Year!

    You’ve got me thinking – some early Nasturtium leaves for my salad would be just the thing – must go and have a rootle up at the plot as there’s bound to be some seeds lying around up there. I wonder if I can grow them just like pea shoots at this time of the year…

    I’m adding Shiso to my list too – I tried it for the first time the first time I visited one of your open days and it’s delicious 🙂

    • Happy New year to you VP.
      I am showing off now – I had baby Nasturtium leave salad today, it was delicious. The reason for the leaves is because I had to nip the seedlings as they are getting leggy in the low light levels we have had over the past week and these plants are destined for Chelsea ( only 20 weeks away!!!)

      Shiso is great it does need a bottom heat of 15°C and a little patience at this time of year, also if your seed is a bit old.

  3. Very inspiring to get your post today and now itching to start sowing some edible annuals. Never tried Shiso before, but looks amazing and am definitely going to try some this year in my edible/ornamental front garden. Noticed today that I have small self-seeded nasturtiums plants and mustard leaves growing outside too as it’s been so mild in London. Very micro, but very tasty.

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